Samsung offered the Android 4.4.2 update for the Snapdragon-based Galaxy Note days ago and now it’s offering the Exynos units the same piece of software. We’re talking about the SM-N900 Galaxy Note 3 and details are provided below.


Release Android 4.4.2 brings slight UI changes, with the only major change being the use of Kitkat style white status bar icons instead of the multi color ones from before. Of course there’s the usual performance boost and bug fix, as well as an increase in benchmark scores. Finally, we get an added camera shortcut in the lockscreen, for quick access and a full screen art for music albums.

The keyboard has been improved for landscape use and gesture typing. Other changelog feats to mention are wireless printing, new emojis, Hangouts for texting and MMS and the option of changing default launchers under settings. The software rolls out in phases, so be patient. You can perform the update via Kies or OTA.