The Galaxy Note 3 is barely out in some parts of the world and we’re already expecting special versions of the device. Those include a Developer Edition and maybe that flexible screen unit that’s been rumored so much lately…


The Developer Edition stands out, as it hasn’t been previously announced, but it has just been teased by Samsung’s own site. The search box on the Samsung US support page will show you more then you expected when you type in Note 3. The results will also return a Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition for Verizon, a previously unheard of unit.

The model name is SM-N900VMKEVZW and it’s marked as “coming soon”. There’s no clear intel on the price tag or the release date here, but we expect to see similar versions popping up on other carriers. There’s always the possibility that this is a mistake and Samsung will never launch it, but let’s not be that pessimistic.