You’ve probably heard that Google is preparing an upgraded version of the Play Store, that coincidentally will be version 4.4, just like the upcoming Android. This release will most likely come separately and also be available on non KitKat devices. But that’s not the topic of this article… instead we discuss the proof regarding a potential Google Play Newsstand found in Play Store 4.4.


Back in March this year some bits and pieces of Javascript and CSS code from the web version of the Play Store offered hints about a digital newspaper store called Play Magazines. Nothing happened since then, but now new proof has been found in Play Store 4.4. This time the service is called Google Play Newsstand and it will be available as a separate app on the device, probably.

There’s a change we may get two apps, one being the Newsstand and the other Play Magazines, since the code seems to mention both. There will be a free trial in place according to people familiar with the matter and we’ll also have a My Newsstand area with the newspapers and magazines, just like My Apps and the others.

Will this Newsstand beat Apple’s? Hopefully the UI is better… I really don’t like the Apple one.