There are still a bunch of fun things to do with the Galaxy Note 10.1 from Samsung, including setting it up as a dual boot device, with Android and Linux on it. The XDA Developers guys managed to get Debian running on the slate, with the project being in its infancy and demoed below.


So far the experience is decent at best, but the most important features of the Linux experience are here. We’ve got WiFi, Bluetooth, sound USB OTG and support for touchscreen interaction. Even support for the Note’s S Pen is available, turning this model into some sort of Intuos touch pad, if you want a comparison. The camera is still not running and also the GPS receiver, but the project is a nice piece of work.

If you want to get the release on your device, you need to access this link, on Google Code. Linux has become big lately, making its way through one way or the other on various tablets. We’ve got Ubuntu Touch and various releases hitting slates and now this dual boot workaround… pretty neat, right?