Samsung is said to be working on foldable phone prototypes and we’ve seen quite a few patents as a testimony to that approach, but now we also get a tentative launch period. Turns out that Sammy is going to debut its foldable devices around Q3 this year.

We’ve also learned that its foldable machines may unfold into 7 inch tablets. The advantage of such a device is clear: you can have a smartphone in your pocket, that also doubles as a tablet when opened up. A bendable approach or maybe an unfolding one could be used here. Yield will be an important aspect regarding the mass manufacturing of such foldables.

South Korea isn’t firm ground right now, with political scandals, troubled local currency and Samsung recovering from the Note 7 scandal, so innovation has been put on hold. However, by Spring things should cool down and work will enter its normal rhythm. Right now, the ideal format for the foldable unit involves a bendable model with a screen panel facing outward and then unfolded, it becomes a 7 inch tablet.

An IFA 2017 debut is in the cards and LG is also working on a similar tech, albeit with a flexible OLED panel at its core.