Flexible displays are being developed right now, one that will change the current device market and Samsung is at the helm at such initiatives. The days of rigid screens are almost over, but flexible displays are here to take over.


They can be folded or rolled up and there will be some interesting applications for these wearable devices in the future. There are a couple of Samsung projects and patents based on this idea and Youm comes to mind, as one of the samples of the technology. Samsung has a patent that relates to interfaces and involves a bendable device and method. The device may be a mobile phone, a PDA, an MP3 player, an e-book and an ultrasmall PC or a tablet.


The user command may include various operations like drop touch command input, a circular touch command and flick touch command. Samsung claims that a user can grab a specific area of the display, that ca be displayed in a bar shape and show as many objects as possible with a higher possiblity of finding the right object.

There’s also a mention of the recharging process of the device in the rolled state, while showing notification information. Will this scroll like mechanism work commercially?