It’s going to be a hot autumn, with a variety of tablet releases this year, including some from Apple, Samsung and Amazon. Next gen slates are said to be debuting in September, while companies like ASUS, Sony or Acer have already launched their best products this summer.


Intel and Google are prepared to expand their market shares with 2 in 1 devices, say sources from the upstream supply chain. Apple is rumored to introduce its new generation of iPhone and iPads on September 10th, while Samsung is prepping the Galaxy Note 3 and who knows what other slates, maybe even that rumored Galaxy Tab 3 Plus.

Meanwhile, the Nexus 7 2 should be getting some impressive numbers, as Amazon fires up its marketing department and releases the new Kindle Fire HD models. Finally, Nokia and HTC are the wildcards here, both rumored to be preparing tablets, but with Nokia being the more likely candidate to actually release something, since they’re in less trouble than HTC.