Samsung is ready to give up plastic, it seems, as the company recently entered a joint venture with the SGL Group, famous for handling technologies like carbon fiber. This could mean that the Galaxy S5 will be made of this material!


The biggest complaint of people who don’t like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S III is the fact that their cases are plasticky, glossy and slippery. So, metal is easy to scratch, glass is fragile, glossy and slippery and plastic feels cheap. It seems that Motorola had it right with kevlar and Samsung will get it right with carbon fiber.

Samsung bought out 50% of “The Carbon Company” SGL Group and this venture has already been confirmed, being focused on creating carbon materials and carbon fiber for the masses. Carbon fiber is very lightweight, durable and can be easily molded and curved into any shape you can image. Fancy a tablet made of this material?