One of the features that people were expecting to see in iOS 8 was split screen multitasking, specifically designed for the iPad. Well, that didn’t pan out and now we’re supposed to wait till iOS 9 maybe, or maybe not, judging by the leak below.

multitasking ios

Supposedly, this iOS 8 feature will come in the fall, together with the new iPads. Developer Troughton-Smith found hidden references in the iOS 8 code that hint at the split screen multitasking. He claims that the Springboard iOS homescreen launcher has programming lines that mention “main-screen-canvas-sizes”, which means the way that two apps can run side by side, sharing the iPad screen.

Right now the code allows for each app to take half the screen or use one quarter of the display. The developer also found out the sizes for each option: 1/4 screen is about 341 pt, 1/2 screen is 512 pt and 3/4 screen is about 682 pt in width. Windows are resizable and are able to be snapped in the listed ratios. The dev even created a video demo with the iOS 8 to resize an app in the preset dimensions for split screen. Check it out below:

  • DeianStancu

    Useless feature. With only 1GB RAM? After 3-4 tabs, it starts to reload all tabs again.
    If you switch between a game and Chrome, or Safari, after a few minutes, the game reloads again, loosing progress if not saved.
    Apple needs to learn that multitasking can’t be made with poor implementations. And IOS is not a multitasking system anyway.
    If I watch a video and load an another browser tab, not another app, beware, it turns off the video. If window looses focus, it behaves the same.
    Of course, Android does the same, the only OS capable of real multitasking is Windows. And tablets with Win are more and more available at lower prices. And better quality. And real CPU’s, not water gun ARM.
    Apple and Google will learn the hard way that they are way behind.