J.D. Power and Associates released the most recent study results on customer satisfaction regarding the tablet segment this week and the Apple iPad sits at the top for the second consecutive time.


Volume 1 of the J.D Power and Associates 2013 US Tablet Satisfaction, that’s the whole name of the study that came out this week and shows Apple at the top spot, both in overall ranking and beating all competitors in terms of overall quality. The iPad got a score of 836 out of 1000 as far as owner satisfaction is concerned, showing that the Apple slate does truly deliver.

Next up we’ve got Amazon with 829 points and both companies beat the industry average of 828. ASUS, Acer and Samsung also got good scored, of 822, 818 and 784 respectively. The study involved tablet owners who have owned such devices for one year or less. In order to assess how happy the owners were, J.D Power used 5 key factors: performance, ease of operation, styling and design, features and cost.