Apple only said “later November” when they debuted the iPad Mini Retina and had to mention a launch date for it, but it appears that we’re in for a delay. Several explanations have appeared, with the most plausible one shown below.


Manufacturing issues are said to be the ones to blame here and I have to remind you that recently Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO admitted that the company is not sure if they have enough inventory to meet the iPad Mini Retina launch demand. A report from ET News that appeared today says that Sharp has been having problems with the LCD burn in on its Retina display panels made for the new iPad Mini.

The report mentions that the burn in issue has only to do with Sharp’s TFT technology, causing very low yield rates. LG Display is the other big panel supplier for Apple’s new iPad Mini, but they’re problem-free apparently. Apple is said to also add Samsung as a supplier of panels in order to meet demand for the product.