Gone are the days of the Fight Night series, as a new contender takes the arena and promises to deliver an excellent boxing experience. The game is called Real Boxing and we tested it on the iPad Mini. This title is available on iOS for 99 cents and it was a treat to play.


It all starts with customizing your fighter, with every aspect being taken care, from mens boxing apparel to facial hair, tattoos and accessories. You can enter a quick fight or start the career mode, but you can also train or play a multiplayer game online. The training is done via minigames, that involve tapping the screen in certain sequences and at the end of the mini game you get a boost in strength, stamina and other such stats.


The game offers you control via swipe or using a motion control system that relies on the front camera. This one requires you to place the tablet at least a few tens of centimeters away and fit your body in the onscreen profile and then start throwing punches in the air, replicated in the game as virtual punches. Of course, the system has a long way to go before it’s truly efficient.


The battles are still very fun and quite tough, since the AI is very good. You can clinch, throw jabs, hooks, uppercuts and counter attack your enemies. The counter attack is the key of all battles, since if you dodge a hit efficiently you can pull off a devastating blow that will greatly decrease the life of your opponent.

All in all playing the game was fantastic and we give it a 9.7 out of 10. You can download it from here.