Skype 7.0 has been made available on Android this week, bringing a tablet-friendly UI and more novelty. It totally embraces the Google Material Design language and adds a floating action button for example. That one is used to quickly access new messages, voice calls and video calls.


We also get a multi-pane view, for that time when you use the device in landscape mode and want to switch over to another conversation. The universal search has been improved, so you can now easily find a contact, conversation, group or Skype bot from the search bar at the top. The UI is still typical for a chat client, in Hangouts or Whatsapp styling, with a contact list on the left and conversation view on the right.

The left panel can also show a history view, contacts and calls. Users can flip the tablet and open a multi panel UI during a call, if they need to check the latest conversations or contacts while also sending a file, all at once. You can get the app from here.