Qualcomm unveiled today a new Snapdragon processor, probably feeling the heat of MediaTek, who also launched its 8 core endeavor. Qualcomm’s newcomer is dubbed Snapdragon 805 and it’s a powerful mobile chipset with a bunch of interesting features.


The CPU is meant for tablets and smartphones and it has special Ultra HD video features. The new Snapdragon chip have up to 40% more graphics power while keeping the battery usage the same. The Krait 400 cores will be replaced with Krait 450 ones and the clock speeds will go up to 2.5 GHz this time. The bandwidth will reach 25.6 GB/s when interfacing with the memory and in case you’re wondering this is a 32 bit CPU, so not an Apple A7 rival just yet.

The fourth gen graphics solution Adreno is also here, through the Adreno 420, that will come with Snapdragon 805 and support 4K video playback. This is also the first chipset capable of hardware decoding for the H.265 video format. The processor supports integration with the new Qualcomm Gobi MDM9x25 modem, that brings support for 150 Mbps connectivity.