While Kodak is ready to tank, Polaroid is expanding its activity segment, with a tablet and color e-reader being prepared for debut at CES 2012, according to rumors. The image you see here was sent by a tipster to Engadget, showing a tablet made by the company and a color e-reader.

The photo reveals a Polaroid slate with a customized version of Android, although I can’t guarantee these are genuine shots. The homescreen looks very much like the iPad and I can see that there’s a bunch of AOL apps, so we might expect some partnership along the way. Of course, since this IS Polaroid we get a large back camera and this might become that cameratablet that we’ve been expecting so long. The results with the Motorola Xoom, iPad 2 and Transformer Prime were not impressive when it came to the video/photo capture, so we need a new challenger.

Polaroid is also preparing that e-reader I mentioned, one that features a color screen and was caught showing “A Dance of Dragons”, a piece of work by George R. R. Martin. No idea what the reading experience is like, since we only saw the cover. I wonder what the control rocker and other buttons on this tablet serve for…

  • Jackson Jarvis2

    Menards sold an unremarkable 7″ Polaroid tablet with Android 2.3 on Black Friday with only 100 units per store.  They sold out in 10 monutes at $79.