Polaroid has debuted in Vietnam two new tablets, the MID0748 and MID1048, one a 7 incher and the other a 10 incher. Both come with WiFi and there’s also a 3G 8 inch model coming soon enough. Both new models shown below have brushed aluminum backsides and offer 1280 x 800 pixel resolutions.


They’ve got IPS panels and the CPU inside is a quad core ATM7029 Cortex A9 unit with a 1.6 GHz clock rate. The graphics are GC1000 and we’ve got two cameras on both units: 2 MP rear and 0.3 MP front. The 7 inch model comes with 8 GB of storage, HDMI out and a 3000 mAh battery, while the 10 incher has a 5000 mAh power source. Both run Android 4.2 and Polaroid also showcased locally a smartwatch, that seems pretty interesting.

It can connect to both Android and iOS devices and the company detailed a device with a 7.85 inch display and a SIM slot. It will offer phone calling abilities and it will be launched in the future. While the 10 inch model above has bezels that are a bit too big my taste, the smaller one is as usual an iPad Mini clone that may just make it. The smaller tablet goes for around $133, while the 10 incher goes for $211 and you can buy them here.