A while ago we saw monkeys playing with tablets and having a blast, but they’re not the only species that can appreciate a slate. Penguins from South America love to hang out and play with iPad apps, as shown below.


Apparently, the same app, the one with a tiny mouse running on the screen is popular with cats and now the penguins love it. Unlike cats, these critters user their beaks to interact with the tablet. The advantage of these actions? The workers at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach are able to inspect the otherwise shy creatures. The game also keeps the reflexes sharp and even helps with mating, because males and females can mingle and socialize better.

The iPad app used here is “Game for Cats“, that’s incredibly popular among pets. Of course the iPad gets quite scratched after long interactions, so maybe the zoo folks may consider a screen protector. That’s one way to keep the penguins occupied, a pretty positive one, as long as nobody gets hurt.

Cool Hunting Video: Penguin Enrichment from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.