Goat Simulator was a blast to play on the PC, so it just had to go mobile and it did, arriving on iOS. It’s priced at $5 on this platform and we tested it on the iPhone 6 Plus. This is one crazy game, also very chaotic and it has a total Postal vibe.

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You play as a goat, explore a part of a town and usually cause mayhem. You can hit people with the goat, ram into thing and even make gas stations or trucks explode. The goat can use its tongue to pick stuff up, both objects and people. There are tons of intentional bugs included, usually having to do with the goat’s head getting stuck in fences and people falling randomly through floors.

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Ragdoll physics is good and you can also use a jetpack to jump around. The 3D graphics are actually Postal 1 and 2 good and aside from using a goat, you can also replace the character with a giraffe and spider goat, which is basically the goat dressed as Spiderman. This is pure dumb fun and there’s no goal or purpose here, just insanity. This is a sandbox of craziness, with rednecks doing crop circle spins with their cars, people protesting with picket signs in their hand and a family eating dinner at home.

You can run into all of them and cause mayhem. This game has a Michael Bay achievement, reason enough to download it, if you ask me. The goat can easily play dead, get run over by cars, jump on trampolines and you can even slow down time to see the goat rotating in mid air with the tongue out. Probably the most fun game of the year, Goat Simulator gets a 9 out of 10 from us. You can download it here.