David Tavares, who is the father of the Pear Linux project has announced the debut of a crowdfunding campaign that will give us the Pear OS 8 Tablet Edition. This is basically a version of the Pear OS 8 Linux platform for the Surface slate.


The crowdfunding is going on on Indiegogo and the goal here is 10.500 euros, of which only 62 euros have been achieved. There are 39 days left, so the goal may be reached. For 10 euros you can get your name on the website’s Donor page and the same goes for 15 and 25 euros. For 50 euros you can get a link to your website, while for 100 euros you get the Pear OS T shirt.

Finally, for 250 euros you can get a DVD of Pear OS and for 500 euros you get two of every gifts. Pear OS 8 will be available in a RT edition for ARM devices and in an x64 Pear OS Pro Tablet Edition. Would you give up on Windows 8 (8.1 at this point) and turn your Surface into a Linux machine?