The Nvidia Tegra Note 7 is a Tegra 4 Android device, that’s expected to hit the market before the year is out, bringing powerful graphics and high end stylus features. Today we’ve got a new demo of that stylus system, that aims at offering an alternative to other input systems on the market.


The device here is a reference design, that will spawn a few slates under different names. The first of the demos is done with a technology called DirectStylus, that works with a built in pen. The implementation here resembles the one of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note devices. Even the reaction of the device when you detach the pen is similar: a special menu appears on the screen.

However, following that action the experience changes compared to the Galaxy Note. The launcher that appears when the stylus is taken out can be customized and adding or taking apps out from this launcher is pretty simple. When you’re inside the writing app for the Nvidia Tegra Note you’ll get actions like pasting, taking photos, rearranging content, drawing, cutting and writing.

Do you think this product will make it big?