Last week we had a piece covering an interesting 7 inch Nvidia Tegra tablet, that today is confirmed to be real, by the pictures shown below. The device is called the Nvidia Tegra Tab and it’s a 7 inch slate with a stylus and it can also play the role of a Shield companion.


The slate first appeared on MyDrivers, sporting an Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, a 5 megapixel back camera and a variety of ports. Those include micro HDMI, micro USB, an audio jack, a Power button and the majority of them, if not all are placed on the left side of the slate, near the top. Along the top we also find two more markings, one of which being a volume rocker probably.


The other is either a microSIM card slot or the microSD card slot. Tegra 4 is already known for its pressure sensitive stylus technology and as the pictures included in this article show, the Tegra Tab comes with a slot for a pen. Back in the days when Tegra 4 was announced, the Nvidia CEO was on stage with a 7 inch tablet prototype and that model had a stylus, so we may be dealing with an evolved version of that model.

Expect serious gaming abilities here and maybe some special features meant for interaction with Shield.