Well, we’re done with the Apple iPad tablet launch, so it’s up to the Android tablets to rule the game in this segment. In case you’re interested in seeing the brand new NVIDIA Tegra 2 multi-core CPU in action on a bunch of prototype Android tablets, we’ve got the video below for show. Turns out that these devices are more flexible and functional than Apple’s gizmo:

These tablets are Flash compatible, they pack front facing cameras, support for multitasking and you can add extra memory to them via expandable storage. Among the products showcased in the video above, there’s an ICD tablet with a 7 inch resistive touchscreen and a model made by FoxConn, packing a 10 inch resistive touchscreen.

Both devices run on the NVIDIA Tegra 2 1 GHz multi core processor, providing speedy web surfing, Flash animations and support for true 1080p playback and high res photos. Full 3D gaming is also supported, since this is NVIDIA we’re talking about after all. These tablets will be Flash 10.1 compatible at their release time, a feature not likely to be featured on the iPad too soon.

[via intomobile]