Of all the companies accused of creating cloned devices, Apple is the last that comes to mind. However, even this happened recently, as the Shenzen Great Long Brother Industrial Co. sued the Cupertino company for creating the iPad design, by basing it on one of their products. Shenzen applied for a patent of its P88 tablet back in May and it seems the device is strikingly similar to the iPad.

Wu Xiaolong, the Chinese manufacturer’s president had showcased the P88 months ago during the IFA (International Electronics Fair), that took place in Berlin. While the lawsuit could go either way in the US, the Shenzen guys are sure that Apple’s product won’t make it in China, since legal action will rule in favor of the P88 maker in its home land.

We remind you that Apple already has a dispute with Fujitsu over the new tablet’s name, so this is probably not the last company that wants a piece of the Apple pie.

[via ubergizmo]

  • bbeaucha

    Honestly, In the current technologically sped up world we live in, where the tech that companies are pumping out is getting thinner, lighter, smaller and more streamlined, there are only so many possible outcomes for certain technological configurations. If we take the tablet for instance. How much variance can you have when creating a tablet PC? You wouldn't make it round, or triangular, or go out of your way an put useless button along the face of it (defeating the purpose of a touch screen). In fact, considering the limitations of the tablet concept, apples tablet is incredibly different from the P88. It is thinner, sports and aluminum body, is more streamlined and lacks some of the ports the P88 does. Setting aside the hardware inside both systems, and the obvious OS difference. These products are nothing alike.