You might as well get used to the Nvidia Tegra 3 (aka Kal-El) CPU, since that’s going to power most of the quad core tablets coming towards the year end. Till then we have a very interesting demo below, showing the feats of this chipset.

Tegra 3 provides five times the power of Tegra 2 and incredible graphics, especially when it comes to lighting, as shown below. Such amazing imagery is enabled by the 12 core GPU with 3D stereo support, that’s included in the new hardware platform. Nvidia showed off here a mere prototype of the chipset and you have to know that the final version will be 25% faster.

Last we heard, smartphones with quad core CPUs were slated for Christmas time, with the Nexus 3 being a likely candidate for such a launch. So, how about tablets? Aside from rumors about a Motorola unit and the Amazon slate, no trace of quad core love just yet in this segment.