Prolific leakster @evleaks has an inside scoop on some of Nokia’s canceled products, like 4 “Internet tablets” for example. He has their name and it seems that the Lumia 2520 (Sirius) was just the beginning.


But then, Microsoft swooped in, canceled everything (including a few smartphones and smartwatch)and had its own way. The cancelation of the slates was probably done, in order to push the Surface properly on the retail channels. The Lumia 2520 didn’t perform very well, but that was because of its software, rather than hardware. The models that were canceled were codenamed Illusionist, Mercury, Pine and Vega/Atlas.

Not very long ago we spotted a successor for the Lumia 2520 tablet, that looked like that model, but had an extra camera flash included in the mix. That may have been one of the 4 units. Then there was a model shaped like a big Nokia N8, that may also have been part of these models. Who knows, maybe they even had an Android slate planned… Microsoft’s purchase killed a lot of good projects there.