Nokia just teased a brand new product launch for tomorrow, by posting a mystery red rectangle on its Facebook page and refering to the product as “BIG”, in capital letters. Our first thoughts went to tablets and phablets, so let’s speculate a bit.

nokia teaser

Worst case scenario, we’ll witness the debut of the Lumia 1020 in stores or maybe the one of yet another Lumia handset. I have to say that some of the comments of the original Facebook post, shown below under Source are quite funny. There was an user saying we could see a Lumia with a 100 megapixel camera. Humor aside, how about that rumored tablet?

Only weeks ago we saw a Tegra 3 Nokia tablet prototype hitting the web and although it was supposed to be a canned product, what’s stopping Nokia from keeping that relatively beautiful design and using Tegra 4 on it? A phablet would also work just fine, especially if Nokia can come up with some cool apps of stylus technologies.