It’s clear that Samsung doesn’t only intend to launch some Galaxy Tab 3 models in 2013 and that’s it, because they must wow us with something more than dual core slates with crappy resolutions. Shipping website Zauba claims they have intel on a 12.2 inch slate from Samsung that may just spark your interest.

samsung omled flexible tablet1

This is supposed to be a high end model, with an ARM 11 processor and a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, the same res as the Nexus 10. Also, Sammy is said to be orienting itself to a new generation of design, that involves slimmer bezels and bigger displays in similar size. It’s the exact same idea as with the Galaxy S3 and S4. The S4 used the body of the S3, but with a bigger screen.

Why wouldn’t Samsung launch a 12 inch tablet with the same measurements as the Nexus 10, same resolution and a better CPU. The device mentioned here is the SM-P900 or the SM-P905, a 12.2 inch tablet, that’s being tested right now. Will it be ready before IFA 2013 or around Christmas?