In August 2010, when nobody was dreaming about a Nokia-Microsoft partnership, Nicklas Savander, an important official with the Finnish company talked to Engadget, discussing the future of Nokia products. They also approached tablets and highlighted the fact that uniqueness will device which tablets will succeed on the market.

Now with MeeGo put on hold, we’re much rather seeing an Intel tablet with this OS launched soon, than a Nokia one… Three operating systems have what it takes to make it on the tablet market: iOS, Android and Windows 7. While the first already has 83% of the market, since Apple sold 15 million tablets last year, Honeycomb is only starting to spread and Froyo devices performed pretty decent, as well.

Windows 7 may come with the required functionality, but it’s not as intuitive and comfortable to use on tablets. This leaves Nokia looking for a new strategy, new OS, maybe Windows 8, since they’re working with Microsoft. Will they reshape MeeGo and go with it or skip straight to the tablet-oriented Win 8?