The Nokia N1 is a clear case of not seeing the forest for the trees, because everyone notices how much the device resembles the iPad Mini and forgets to praise the cool software on board. The product was available for hands on at the Nokia booth at MWC 2015 and we achieved the hands on presentation below.


The device’s facade reminds me of the Xiaomi Mi Pad, while back and sides feel like the iPad Mini. The slate measures 6.9 mm in thickness and uses anodized aluminum, finished in a premium way. Nokia N1 has rounded edges and at the bottom we find a reversible USB Type C port, flanked by two stereo speakers. The Android that runs here is covered with a new experience called Z Launcher.

This launcher learns your use patterns, so if you like to play games in the morning and use productivity apps in the evening, those will be pushed to the forefront in those times of day. You can also draw gestures to trigger certain features and the UI is very simple and minimalistic. There are 2 GB of RAM inside, a powerful Intel CPU and a 7.9 inch screen upfront with Retina-type resolution.

All of that can be yours for $250.

  • Robert Jasiek

    However, the “cool software” is also said the include crapware that cannot be uninstalled, such as McAfee. The design and build quality of the tablet are great but I want to see Windows, much reduced mirroring of the display and USB-OTG. Needless to say, everybody wants the tablet to be available at all and preferably with suitable power supplies. How about version N2 with such features available around Xmas?