After a mystery Nokia tablet seemed to be spotted in the Adidas miCoach ad, exactly that same render is back in our sights, as sources close to the Finns say that the device is actually legit. It’s also supposedly coming in July and it’s being tested by AT&T right now.


Nokia’s officials haven’t been afraid to express their open mind to the big diagonal format and they can see slates in their future. Recent talks indicated a potential 10 inch Windows RT tablet to be in the making, but I wouldn’t take that for granted. Also ready for an unveiling is the Nokia EOS cameraphone, so we could see both debuting during a big July event.

With HTC reportedly canceling a 12 inch Windows RT tablet recently and Samsung also pulling out of this initiative, could Win RT be left for dead or be left for Nokia alone? Acer is already out of this, but ASUS may be the wildcard here. If ASUS doesn’t showcase anything new with Win RT at Computex, it’s clear that the OS is either dead or monopolized by Nokia.