Last week there a picture floating around the interwebs showing a Nokia prototype phone codenamed Juggernaut Semaphore. That was a huge device, worthy of being called a phablet rather than a phone. And now it’s back again, this time in a video comparison with the Lumia 820.


The strange thing is that this is no high end device, since it only supports a 800 x 480 pixel resolution, but at least it runs Windows Phone 8. The comparison becomes obvious at minute 8-9 of the video below and the device is at least one third bigger than the Nokia Lumia 820. The vid was posted by Igor Shastitko from Microsoft Ukraine and it showcases some new features in WP8 like Bluetooth file transfer and performance upgrades. Notice how the device still has the older Windows Phone logo, just like in the leaked pics.

It also has the same large bezel and prototype market on the side. Speculations say that this model has a 4.7 inch screen, putting it on par with the likes of Samsung Ativ S and HTC Titan I and II and very close to Nokia phablet terrain. We would have expected a better resolution and a stylus, but I guess this will have to do…