Today evleaks is on a roll, publishing info about the Galaxy Note 3, new iPhones and now a Nokia newcomer. He just published a screenshot taken from the Nokia Lumia 1520 aka the Bandit. This is a 6 inch phablet that we’re all waiting for at the end of the month.


The phablet is expected to become official soon and it was first rumored when a 6 inch panel was caught on camera in an Asian factory. Then came a mention at various telecom authorities and then some names were dropped, like Bandit. Finally last week Evleaks changed the name to the official Lumia 1520, so it’s no longer Bandit.

We’re waiting for a quad core CPU inside and a Full HD resolution to be on board, plus Windows Phone 8 GDR3. As you can see, the screenshot shows six small live tiles in a row, up from 4 as the usual number is. Let me remind you that Nokia is expected to unveil the phablet during a huge event in New York.