Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console is going to be both a portable and fixed device, it seems, so people may be wondering how its battery will behave when on the go. Today we learn more about it and news isn’t great, as the battery is said to be non removable.

Of course, 90% of tablets nowadays (or even more) have non removable batteries, but they’re not meant exclusively for gaming like this model is. A recent FCC filing confirmed Nintendo’s approach to the battery front. Since we don’t have an official and clear specs list for the device, the jury is still out on the capacity of the battery or its functioning time.

Nintendo will unveil more details during a special January 12th event, so we’ll learn more then. In the meantime, I for one expect the battery life to be pretty solid, since the Nintendo DS, 3DS and GameBoys gave the Japanese firm a good track record in that area. Of course, some of them were powered by regular removable batteries…

The duration of the charging is also going to be important for the Nintendo Switch. Anything over one hour and a half is a bummer.