The Nintendo Switch console is on everyone’s lips these days, some of them loving it, others not, but everyone’s still wondering about some hardware aspects. It’s still not very clear how much RAM we get and the exact specs of the CPU, GPU and all that, but the following iFixit teardown will certainly help.

They usually tear down tablets or phones, but this time it was the turn of Nintendo’s fresh console. iFixit found inside quite a bit of metal and we also clarified the RAM aspect, as the memory is 4 GB here. There’s an Nvidia Tegra CPU and a 16 Wh battery as well. The good news is that the device is very easy to open up and repair, so that’s nice.

There’s a small fan inside, as well as a heatpipe and a protective metal casing, that will also diffuse the heat along the back side. iFixit gave the slate a repairability score of 8 out of 10, which is one of the best ever, tablets and phones included. Screws are used instead of adhesive, so that’s a good choice, while components are modular, so they can be replaced.

The digitizer and screens aren’t fused, which reduces the cost of repair. A slight problem is the use of tri point screws, so the average user probably won’t have a screwdriver for it. I recommend checking out the iFixit teardown, for some very nice X ray shots.