Nintendo Switch is booming, we knew as much, judging by the way people were talking about the product and its sales. It’s actually doing so well, that it has great odds of outselling the Xbox One, according to one analyst at least.

Michael Pachter is the one most vocal about the evolution of the Nintendo Switch, claiming he expects the Xbox One to sell about 10-11 million units, while the Switch could move 14 million. The same Michael called the PS4 Pro a bargain, but then also called the 4K market redundant. The holiday season is going to be vital for all the consoles, when it comes to their sales.

Pachter seems sure that Nintendo will beat Microsoft this year and even beat the PlayStation 4 in the process. The only thing that may hamper Nintendo in its progress may be the fact that supply problems for the Switch have appeared around the world. Sadly, the Xbox One sales are always kept secret, so it’s hard to tell if the Switch actually beats the Xbox One.

The most conservative estimates sit at around 36 million since 2013, while the PlayStation is at 60 million. The Nintendo Switch already outsold the PS4 in the last few months, so let’s see if it does so for the whole year. Right now the Ninty machine has moved 2.7 million units since the March debut. Xbox One X could be a game changer though, although it’s rather expensive. Nintendo has exclusives going for it, with all the Mario, Zelda and ARMS love helping it a lot.