There’s a new Apple patent in town, one that’s related to the Apple Pencil, but maybe in tandem with an iPhone this time. The document itself focuses on a special holder for the stylus and hints that a future iPhone Plus could get its own such mechanism.

Having a holder makes the Pencil easier to carry around. There’s a case involved in the mix, of course. Cases and covers are mentioned in the patent, with a compartment to hold the Apple Pencil. Such accessories are mentioned in the same context as “phones and tablets”, which sparked the iPhone rumors. With the stylus getting so much love ever since its release, it would be important to protect it and not lose it as easily.

The iPad Pro future smart covers may have a type of loop, or maybe a magnetic holder of sorts for the Pencil. Of course, Apple is doing it its own way and they won’t be caught dead boring a hole into a device and making a slot for it. We’ll see…

  • vasras

    Patent for a pencil holder! Those boy in Cupertino sure keep busy!