Nintendo promised to unveil more info about its Switch console in January, so here we are with the promised update. Turns out that the device will be available come March 3rd, priced at $299 and if you want extra accessories, they’re sold separately.

The above mentioned price applies to North America and it’ll probably convert to euros if you jump the Ocean. The console debuts bundled with a minigame collection, known as “1-2 Switch”, that shows off the functionality of the Switch controllers, plus the famous and long awaited Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s also no region locking feature here, so you can play games from any region, no matter where you bought the console.

Nintendo has also prepared a paid online subscription service, by the way. The Nintendo Switch was first announced back in October via a teaser video, after being known for a long while as the Nintendo NX. Switch is basically a tablet with a 6.2 inch display and attached controllers to the sides. It charges via USB Type C port and the tablet has a battery life between 2.5 hours and 6, apparently depending on the game you play.

The Switch makes use of tiny joysticks called Joy-Cons, which Nintendo is ready to sell separately. One such Joy Con goes for $50, while a pair is $80. An extra dock set goes for $90, with AC adapter and HDMI cable included. A charging grip is $30, used to combine the Joy Cons into one controller and juice them up. There will also be Joy Con Wheels, for racing games, at $15 a pop.

No word yet on the price of an average game on this console.