Panasonic launched a new rugged tablet today, actually a 2 in 1 model dubbed Panasonic FZ-Q2 and dubbed a “semi rugged” device by its maker. It’s a Windows 10 Pro machine with enterprise features and a $2299 price tag. It’s already up for purchase.

The newcomer relies on an Intel Core m5 processor, as well as a Full HD screen, with anti reflective treatment and increased visibility. This is a model with a spill resistant keyboard and it’s a full sized backlit keyboard in case you’re wondering. Panasonic promises 9 hours of functioning time per shift on average, which is double from the average 4.6 hours of the consumer slate.

Windows 10 Pro comes with security enhancements and we also get insertable smart card readers, HDMI in option and accessories like a full desktop cradle for example. The Panasonic FZ-Q2 is able to take dust, drops and vibration, so it can be used in both the field and the office with ease. The device also has a field serviceable battery and there’s the option of an SSD heater for use in very cold areas.

4G LTE connectivity is also offered and the keyboard dock looks very sturdy.