Nintendo’s Switch console is about to get a whole lot more interesting, if you live in Japan. It appears that the product will receive more customization options in Nintendo’s home country, including colorful ones.

I’ll remind you that the gaming tablet goes on sale on March 3rd and it’ll let gamers in USA choose between an all gray version or the blue and red version, that has the left controller available in blue and the right one in red. In Japan there are more choices, so buyers are able to swap options around, choosing of course those mentioned above, but also a version where the left JoyCon is red and the right JoyCon is blue.

Folks can even opt for a single color option, having both controllers blue or both red. Nintendo is also going to be selling extra JoyCon controllers separately, so gamers will be able to customize for themselves their rigs, but with a hefty price involved probably. We should also mention that the console is region-free, which would allow you to access the Japanese Switch Store and buy titles meant for Japan.

Expect more customizations to come, perhaps even ones that you can print yourself. The console goes for $299 and arrives in early March. A Joy Con goes for $50.