The Wall Street Journal published the experience of Amit Agarwal, an editor who switched from the iPad to the Nexus 7 and was very happy with his choice. He had been playing with both the older generation iPad and first generation Galaxy S two years ago. He wasn’t happy with the Galaxy S and quoted problems like crashes of apps and found himself spending time on the iPad more. Then the Nexus 7 came along…

The famous 7 inch quad core tablet made by ASUS and Google costs $199 on the Google Play Store, but he got it from eBay or maybe some Indian shopping site, it’s not mentioned exactly. The thing is that Play Store doesn’t ship devices for Google in India. Nexus 7 is praised in this case for its price and the fact that it runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Google’s Andy Rubin recently wrote that around 500 million Android devices have been activated to this date.

Only 1.2% of these devices run Jelly Bean. The 7 inch form factor is praised by Amit, who has become accustomed to it after one week of use. He also likes the rubberized back, the light weight and the fact that you can even fit the tablet in the pocket of jeans, although they should be pretty baggy. The front camera is HD but it’s not that good, according to the editor. Speech recognition and typing an email or document via speech are also being mentioned here as upsides of the product. Since using the Nexus 7, the WSJ editor dropped the iPad, since he had a lot more fun with this new compact product.

The lack of cellular connectivity is mentioned as the last drawback, but I’ve heard that there’s a 3G Nexus 7 in the making, so even that will be solved. Overall, WSJ seems pleased with the Nexus 7 and so are we in this review.