Microsoft officially announced and detailed Office 2013 yesterday and on this occasion we found out that it will integrate Skype and it will be available for free on Windows RT tablets, those based on ARM chipsets. Buyers will get 20GB of SkyDrive storage extra for free and the new Office will support working across Windows devices, with Windows Phone 8 included.

The new Office 2013 will be totally free on each new tablet or hybrid running Windows RT. Other things worth mentioning about the new Office is that it’s made to respond in an excellent way to touch input, as naturally as it does to keyboard and mouse interaction. Swiping and pinching to zoom is supported easily and it comes in handy when reading documents and presentations. Inking is also available, so you can use a stylus to create content, take notes and access features.

Handwritting is supported of email responses and you can convert them automatically to text, if you want. Roaming is available as well, with your personalized settings and recently used files roaming virtually all over your devices. What’s cool is that Office remembers where you left off in a document and presentation and allows you to carry on editing on the go on your phone or tablet. More details can be found in the official video below: