Microsoft recently released Windows 10 Build 10130 to Insiders and now there’s a new version out there, 10134. This one came as a leak, an unofficial one via an ISO, so it’s not exactly 100% legit. In the meantime, the 10134 version of the Windows 10 Mobile release also came.


The desktop Win 10 has leaked in an English x64 bit version here and we obviously are not going to link to it, since it’s not official or legit. The main focus of this release is stability and bug fixes. The leak was first announced in a tweet with the hashtag #BuildTour, since Microsoft is holding BUILD events all over the world. Those who have played with the release haven’t found any particular novelty so far.


This has to be one of the last builds ahead of next month’s release of the final version of Windows 10. As far as the Windows 10 Mobile leak goes, this one’s all screenshots, no software. We can see here that the volume control area feels very much like the one on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Spartan is able to pin websites to the Start Screen, a feature previously only available on IE.

Spartan/Edge now has a dark theme that can be used, just like the Windows Store. The “X” in a small circle that was used to close apps has been updated to the larger X on the desktop for multitasking. What do you think of this UI?





via winbeta and neowin