Merely two months after its launch, the New iPad’s usage has passed the iPad 1’s, at least in the USA. A recent report from software analytics firm Localytics claims that the latest iPad got an incredible 14% of the US iPad market in just 4 days, as the iPad 3 sold 3 million devices.

Now, after two months, the third iPad surpassed 20% in the week of May 16th and passed the original model with a bit. I have to remind you that the first Apple iPad launched on April 3rd 2010, over 2 years ago and it was available with a discount for a long while. Localytics also claims that the iPad 2 now has 60% of all iPad usage in teh States. At these rate by the end of the year the iPad 3 and iPad 2 will switch places, unless the iPad Mini comes along and messes up the figures a bit.

Also, the news that there are iPad 2 units out there with another type of CPU may have pushed people to buying them. After all we are talking about a well performing tablet with a $400 price tag, that may appeal to a lot of people… On the other hand, the iPad 3’s Retina Display already conquered many users and it will continue to do so.