Computex 2012 takes place next month and it appears that among the many gadgets we’ll see there ViewSonic will bring a 22 inch Android 4.0 slate. That’s got to be the biggest Android tablet ever and I can’t even say it qualifies as a tablet, but rather a huge portable all in one PC of sorts.

It would certainly be very heavy to carry around and you’d have to hold it propped on something to enjoy it. Engadget claims that ViewSonic will also be bringing a new lineup of smart business tablet monitors, with a great variation of such models. Computex takes place in Taipei, in case you’re wondering and it appears that ViewSonic also has plans for similar devices with Windows 8. I’m really curious to learn the specs and resolution of this 22 inch newcomer and I certainly expect a huge battery inside.

Also, I’m sure that once propped up you can use this as some sort of display for other devies, right? Anyway with the inclusion of HDMI ports on more and more tablets and phones I don’t really see the need for such a huge slate. It may be an interesting tool for people working with high end graphics and stuff, so I also expect a kickass stylus here.