A bunch of new iPad Mini photos have looked and for some reason I find them to be very convincing this time. Over the past days we’ve seen both digital and real life mockups of the new iPad Mini. The former were created by a Gizmodo reader and the latter were made available in Asia for $30 a pop.

These new images appeared on Twitter and look very credible. The 7.85 inch iPad rumored to launch this month or the next adopts the Lightning port and dual speakers, plus a more rounded design and a camera sensor that actually seems a bit bigger than the one on the iPad 3. Once again its physical buttons look cheap, a statement I also had when seeing previous leaks of this kind. They simply look like plasticky/rubbery thingies that Apple wouldn’t put on its devices.

The pair of speakers adopts the styling of the iPhone 5 so instead of calling this a smaller iPad, we could call it a bigger iPhone 5, actually. This iPad Mini unit supposedly offers 32 GB of space to play with. The front of the device strangely doesn’t appear in these pics. As usual we advise you to take everything with a huge grain of salt. I noticed that most of the iPad Mini pics fail to reveal the front side, so they might be just dummies, not the finished versions