Amazon has just introduced a new Kindle model, that will appeal to those who are keen on reading on the go. Set to debut on August 27th, the device is 21% smaller and 15% lighter than its predecessor, while its refresh rate is 20% faster than the previous e-reader. The new Kindle is based on E Ink technology and will come in two colors: graphite and white.

You’ll get the unit in two versions: one with WiFi, for $139 and one with 3G support (on AT&T), for $189. The display will stick with the 6 inch diagonal and we learn that Amazon claims page turns are faster and contrast has been enhanced. Internal memory is now 4GB and the battery life is able to reach a month, with no wireless, or 10 days with the wireless on.

As far as software is concerned, you get a Webkit-based browser and other modifications include a new and more subtle rocker.

[via Engadget]