The Toshiba Portege Z10t tablet has reached the FCC and strangely enough the Portege brand is usually associated to ultrabooks, so we’re baffled by this model. The FCC filing is showing us that this is not an ultrabook. We could see a two in one hybrid, but for now we don’t have a lot of details.


The test documents reveal that the feature list of this model includes Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11n. There’s also a back camera, shown by the sketch and frankly speaking, it would be about time for Toshiba to launch a new tablet. I expect it to run Windows 8, so an Android release would be a real surprise, especially considering how poor and poor selling the Thrive models have been.

From what I remember, the model we reviewed had some bugs and issues, including ones with battery, laggy software and poor quality build. The only interesting aspect about the Thrive was the fact that its front and back camera were linked through a metallic ring on the front/back.