We’ve been hearing about the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite for a while now and its associated codename, but now there’s a new code for a Samsung device that’s making us wonder. The mystery device just appeared at the FCC dubbed SM-T520 and described as merely a “portable tablet”.


Samsung is said to be launching 4 new tablets in early 2014, so this rumor lines up with the recent leaks perfectly. We’ve got the Tab 3 Lite, this newcomer, a possible Galaxy Note 3 Lite and probably the 12 inch Galaxy Note Pro. The SM-T520 only has the usual suspects confirmed, stuff like WiFi support, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy and all that.

The Samsung newcomer is said to be 243 mm wide by 172 mm tall, making it large enough to integrate a 10 inch diagonal display. If I were to guess, I’d say this model runs Android, even though there is no OS mentioned here. There’s been a lot of discussion regarding Tizen lately, so maybe we’ll see that OS on this slate.