Motorola is supposed to be working on a brand new 6 inch phablet, that will be released in Q3 this year and today we get more details about it, including a potential name. The product is said to be a 6.3 incher actually and it’s supposed to be called the Xplay.


Back in October when the Moto X came out, there were also rumors about a 6.3 inch smartphone/tablet called the Xplay. Then it went away for a while and now after the Lenovo buyout the project surface again. This week Moto was in the news because of their watch with Android Wear at its core, but they might be preparing something more.

The question is: is this an older project from the Google era or is this the first taste of Lenovo’s cooperation with Moto? The same source that leaked the Moto X, Moto G and many more devices has shared that the Moto 6 incher will come in Q3, between July and September and the name Xplay may not make it in the end. So, is there actually a market for such a device, or not?