Recently, the guys from Dolby decided to bring the surround sound technology to tablets and smartphones. This technology allows users to hear several sound effects in 3D, for example, you’ll hear certain items in certain directions like left or right, front or behind.


Thanks to the algorithms that Dolby has developed, this technology it’s now possible and it’s not complicated at all. This Dolby technology can reproduce the algorithms used on the Dolby Atmos effects in theathers, by tricking the brain. Users think that the sound is in 3D, when in fact it isn’t.

The Dolby technology will be used on earphones, a device that allows users to feel like the sound it’s coming in from a specific direction in the third-dimension, grace to the new mobile audio technology. According to Dolby, this technology it’s compatible with most devices and requires an OS that is using a high-end chip solution like Snapdragon 805.